Responsibility & Trust

Why trust in people when you can trust them?

I learnt this this morning:

It is one thing to trust people, and another to trust IN them.

When you trust people, you accept them for who they really are. Your faith in them is not dependent on their actions because you trust that no matter how they behave or react to you or anyone else per time is not exactly who they are on their inside; their core.

This is because you understand that most times, their reactions are basically them just being human.

So you believe in the spirit inside them that makes your trusting them divine.

But when you trust IN people, their actions and words matter one hundred percent. You expect them to love you, say sweet things, come through for you when you need them, and fight for you when you think they should. And the truth is that most times, we trust in people because we expect them to do things we can do by ourselves for ourselves.

We tend to be very irresponsible about our state of mind by often shifting the responsibility to other people who we trust in. So when they leave (if they do and most times, they do), they do so with our happiness; our sanity. This shouldn’t be so.

You have the primary task of daily growing deeper in love with yourself. Nobody is ever going to do that for you. It is your life, your joy, your task. Take responsibility for it.

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