Being Human is What Makes You Unique

During the Sallah break, I shared photos of me dressed really weirdly. On Monday, I dressed like a country man with jiggy hats and boots. Yesterday, on my way to a friend's place, I took the Patra look. I wore an african-coloured head warmer and an XXL shirt which gave me the look of a Rastafarian.

Everyone who saw me expressed shock.

No one is used to seeing me look like that. Itty is the very nerdy guy who always does his best to look smart, simple and responsible. A lady friend once called me 'perfect'.

If she had called me that a few months before she did, she would totally have made my day. I would be so elated and magnified in my head. But my reaction was different. I felt hurt. Terrible.

So lately, I've been doing somethings intentionally just to kill the image of me being 'ideal' in the heads of people. Not because of me, but because of them.

I don't want you thinking there's anybody who has got everything all figured out. I don't want you to try to be somebody who is a mess but makes you think he is as strong as Hercules.

The truth is that everyone wants to be seen as a hero. We want to be seen as super human without imperfections. And that is the very reason we are dying. We kill ourselves unconsciously each time we act like we have no weaknesses just to look perfect for people.

The greatest of our strength lies in our ability to use our weaknesses for a positive cause.

I am weak. You are weak. We are strong because we accept we are weak and we work on our weaknesses to birth authority/power/strength.

Don't let anybody make you feel bad about the very thing that makes you unique, human.

Love yourself, live your best life!

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