You Only Live Once


You Only Live Once
You know how we love to feel dangerous once every while. How we want to have a little taste of our dark side (if we have any). We actually always want to believe we have one even though we have never actually experienced it, ever.

Many of us grow up with strongly rooted morals. We do our bests to hide our shitty traits and we are aware that one day, some day, they will be let all out and we can't tell the extents we can go or boundaries we can cross when that eventually happens.

But one thing to note is that that very "adventurous" part of us is also a part of our make up. And it would be utter foolishness to ignore, cage or neglect it.
These things are the very elements that spice up our lives and make us unique beings. A part of being human!

So once in a while, every now and then, let it all out. We don't have the past, neither do we the future. All that is in our possession at the moment, is the present. And whatever thing you have to do to survive through it in sanity and wholeness, that you must do.

Go on. Dance in the rain. Do pillow fights with yourself. Try skiing. Give skydiving a thought.

Do whatever (legal) thing that gives you joy and without caring what society might think. Let go of the past. True joy is found in the present. Seize now and live your best life.

You Only Live Once (YOLO).

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